Art, PE, and Music Across the Curriculum and Technology Integration?

Most educators often think of technology as a tool to be incorporated into math, science and language arts. I was amazed at how many useful resources are available for education of the arts. Using the arts across the curriculum gives students the ability to learn and express themselves using different forms of expression. This past week, I discovered many websites and softwares that enhance music, physical education, health and art. My first instinct was to write a long blog about all of these wonderful sites to visit that demonstrate how the arts can be incorporated across the curriculum while being enhanced by technology. Every time I attempted to type, I would get sidetracked playing with my new found website Eduglogster. I had an idea. Why not show you how I can create a visual representation of what I learned this week, while giving you a list of resources that I stumbled upon while researching websites for educators to use for teaching all areas within the arts? According to Surf Report: Integrating Art Across the Curriculum (Wisconsin Public Broadcasting, 2008), “Using art across the curriculum can be a way to engage visual learners, to launch collaborations between teachers, and to add new depth to subjects from social studies and language arts to math and science.” My resources, along with the many others I have discovered, will help all educators reach visual and auditory learners and and spark our children to express themselves with all of their educational successes.