My Day at Google NYC to “Be Internet Awesome!”

Google Greatness is a term I would use for a cold winter day in December, I had the amazing opportunity when I was accepted to a very prestigious event at Google NYC on Saturday, December 9, 2018. I am a Certified Google for Education Trainer and hold a Master of Educational Technology and a Technology Integration Specialist Certificate. I am passionate about and advocate for STEM education, design STEM websites and co-authored a STEM airplane curriculum and create websites for Boise State University through a National Science Foundation Grant awarded for BSU’s after school program STEM initiative. Due to my commitment to educational technology integration on an international scale and my Certification as a Google Trainer, I was invited to attend a Google event dedicated to Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety. Google employees partnered with IKeepSafe, provided valuable resources and curriculum to share and utilized within my school district and my Google training events. Google’s “Be Internet Awesome” lesson plans provide educators with all the tools and resources required to implement the ISTE Technology Standards for Students on the topic of Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety, The unique aspect of of this curriculum is that the third through fifth grade students have the opportunity to explore topics, such as, safe online sharing, password protection, fake online websites, student privacy, and digital citizenship, through the use of an appealing, interactive game called Interland, paired with well designed, easy to implement lessons. Acquiring these Internet Safety skills aides in successful online interaction within this digital-age society, especially when students may be witnessing negative social media by leaders and the media. I like to think of the lessons, such as these, as “training wheels” for positive and safe independent online access and personal online presence or branding.

I had the privilege of meeting experts in the technology field who advocate and implement Digital Safety resources, guides, and materials to school districts and educators around the world.  After the long day of activities, presentations, and discussions, the event culminated in a tour of the unique and grand Google NYC campus. It was amazing to see the work environment of the Google employees. Google is committed to enhancing the comfort and productivity of their employees, in order to provide them with everything they need in one place, which in turn creates a positive work environment to manage their team projects. There were napping pods, various kitchens, a game room, lounge chairs with NYC views, scooters to ride around the building, Chromebooks for use by any employee, snacks, massage chairs, and many unique workstations and desks built and tailored for individual employees. I was honored to be a part of such an group of forward-thinking leaders, advocating for our children’s safety and reputation management. I look forward to seeing what Google has in store for our children in the future. I am sure it will be more Google Greatness.

Check out “Be Internet Awesome” at this link.

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