EDTECH 543 Final Reflection

media-998990_1920When I first began this course on Social Media Learning, I was quite excited to begin the journey of including social media into my own classroom curriculum.  Prior to this course, I knew of some ways social media could be infused into the elementary curriculum; however, I did not have the expertise nor the drive to incorporate this technology into my class work at that time.  Subsequent to this course, I am confident in taking my learning experience to the next step by utilizing what I learned within my classroom agenda. I always used Twitter and Facebook personally but did not really dive into professional learning through social media.  Now I feel I am competent in finding relevant social media PLNs to help me improve my teaching methods and enhance my repertoire of resources.  This course not only helped me grow professionally, but will also be of assistance to my students’ learning and curriculum activities

These social networking tools are valuable to my program because I now utilize social media platforms for professional discussions and professional development.  One of the most rewarding experiences of this class was the Twitter for Professional Development assignment.  Having to dive into Twitter chats helped me grow in confidence that I have resources and knowledge that others find beneficial.  My Twitter PLN also shared great resources and ideas with me that I can put to use immediately with my students. I fully realize that planning lessons using knowledge base of my PLN, provides me the opportunity to create the best lesson possible for my students.  Being educated with collaborative ideas and fine-tuning them for my own, truly enhances the classroom experience for my students.

The webinar interactions offered another great opening for professional learning.  I previously dabbled in some webinars, but did not commit to as many as I did for this class.  I realize now how important it is to keep advancing my training, not only in my graduate studies, but also in self- directed learning as well.  I decide where I could use additional training and research a particular webinar that addresses my needs.  Where else can you get professional development such as that?  This pursuit of highly developed education is something that I will definitely continue into the future.  

Curation was a topic I really never heard much about.  Although I utilized others’ curations, I never took the time to see how important curation is and how difficult a process it can be.  I was inspired at a technology conference about games in the classroom, so I decided to do further research on this topic and use it for my curated topic. I found wonderful material and resources and I had the chance to share the work of someone who inspired me. Hopefully, it will help another teacher decide if games in the classroom works for their curriculum needs. I will continue adding to this curation and sharing it through social media PLNs.

Working with my PLN was a great opportunity to grow professionally and learn about myself.  Working with my classmates gave me a profound learning experience I cannot forget.  I was so used to working independently, so it was refreshing to hear from others and get ideas and share work with classmates.  I really enjoyed all the activities we did, but I especially liked creating a social media policy and a mini curriculum unit with my group.  Both of these activities will go directly into my lesson planning.  My group was open to ideas for my fifth grade class that I had prior to this module and let us go in that direction for our unit.  We were able to work together to devise a unit using social media for an upper elementary class. I am pleased with the final outcome for learning about Games Around the World using social media and the collaborative effort was a worthwhile experience that I would like to continue with others in my school and/or field. This unit will be completed with my fifth grade and I cannot wait to blog about how the experience unfolded.  It is rare to hear about social media use in an elementary setting, so I feel actually implementing the unit may help others.  I cannot thank my group enough for making this lesson come alive.

I want to thank Dr. Jackie Gerstein for once again, delivering a wonderful course and providing me with an excellent graduate experience.  This was my final class for my Masters of Educational Technology, and between Dr. Gerstein’s Edtech 541 (my first class) and Edtech 543, I have portfolio work that I am very proud to share for my showcase portfolio needed for a masters degree.  Although my journey at BSU is coming to end, my journey for professional learning will continue on, especially through the use of social media.  See everyone online!

P.S. As far as what my blog grade should be, I feel that I have completed all the required blogs with many personal experiences and to the best of my ability.  Therefore, I would give myself 75/75 points.

One thought on “EDTECH 543 Final Reflection

  1. Great final reflection – happy the course is of value to you. You are such a good student. It has been a joy to help serve you.

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