My PLE Diagram and Analysis

Posted: October 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

A Personal Learning Environment is a systematic connection of applications used to enhance an individual’s learning. In today’s society, there are so many places to gather information and resources that it can be overwhelming.  One has to take the time to purposefully build a solid PLE that proves beneficial to the individual.  Each PLE is unique to the owner.  This week we were asked to create a diagram of our PLE and see how it relates to one another.  I was surprised to see the finished product. I used Cacoo to complete this diagram.  At first, I started with clearly distinct areas labeled Share, Communicate, Connect, and Collect.  I originally decided to place icons of my PLE in each separate area, but as I began, I realized it was not that simple.  Many areas overlapped. Each labeled cloud contains information flowing back and forth, and each icon can be connected with each cloud at times.  For instance, I use Google Drive to collect interesting documents I find on the Internet. Some documents are shared with me.  I connect with others while working on a document, and I communicate via comments and chats. Therefore, Google Drive belongs to every cloud, and the icons connect with each other as well.  For example, WordPress holds some of my Google Docs, along with Weebly and Dreamweaver.  Collectively, they unite every cloud in my PLE.  I realized that my PLE is a maze of connections put together for a common goal: to help me develop into the best teacher I can be through a host of knowledge gained each day.

This assignment confirmed to me how much I have grown since I began the MET program at Boise State.  Most of my PLE was certainly not a component of me when I began this educational journey.  The only avenues I had were my professional developments and printed articles. Through my education, I learned to grow professionally and develop into a self-directed learner.  Not only did I expand knowledge from my classes, but I now reach out to other avenues to uncover answers, resources, and theory, all in the hopes of benefitting a child.  My PLE is not simply for me; it is on behalf of every student in my class.  So perhaps I should add the students to this diagram since they are responsible for my love of learning.  My education is however providing me with the impetus to persevere on my own in order to enhance my professional knowledge.

Reviewing my classmates’ PLE diagrams proved interesting and eye opening at the same time.  It dawned on me that every PLE is like a fingerprint, unique to each individual.  Although there were some similarities, the way we perceived each learning organization and how its relativity to one another varies. Our diagrams are diverse, as well as our interpretations of our PLE. Below are some PLE diagrams that I reviewed and compared to mine.

Below is my picture of my PLE Diagram.

Click on this link to view my analysis of my classmates’ PLE diagrams.


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