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*What are you initial reactions about joining these social networks for use in this course?

I am thrilled to be adding to my repertoire of social networks that I use for professional learning.  So far, I have had a Twitter account that I use professionally, but I use it sporadically and I do not feel I use it to its full potential.  I am at awe when I see people who join multiple conversations and I would like to be privy to the information regarding when and how to get involved with these EDTECH subject conversations.  The little bit that I use Twitter, I have had positive results and gained many resources to apply within the classroom setting.  I can only achieve better results by joining these networks and gaining professional knowledge from each platform. I feel fortunate to be in a class that will help me build a professional networking platform.

  • What is your experience in using social media for your own professional development?

I have many social media accounts and I cannot keep up with which ones are the most valuable.  I tend to sign up for an account only to forget to visit it and keep up with gaining a professional network.  The one account that I have continued with is Twitter.  I can get really involved for a while and then tend to take a break from posting or reading anything that doesn’t help me gain a solid network.  I post resources that I found valuable for my own educational experience, and also like to learn what other teachers and leaders are using within their classrooms or districts.  When I first signed up for Twitter, I was overwhelmed with the experience. Since then, I found it to be a important resource that I still have not fully tapped into its potential. I would like to participate in more discussion hash tags.  I participated a few times; however, I think it is time to discover more about them.

  • What is your experience in using social media as an instructional strategy in your learning environment?

At this time, I have rarely used social media as an instructional strategy.  The only time I did was to “talk” to NASA Robonaut with my fifth grade class.  We had the chance to ask questions and publicly receive answers.  The class was thrilled when we received responses to our questions, so I know this is a strategy I will use in the future.  I used my own account for this experiment since I did not have a school account.  I plan on changing this for next year’s fifth grade class.  My middle school STEM class used Moodle to hold discussions with each other about social media use, which was a valuable way for them to receive lessons on Netiquette.   Our class also created web pages for the students to showcase projects and blogs, which allowed for commenting with one another.  Other than that, this is a new area for my school district and me.  I plan to incorporate Google Classroom next year and add new tech tools such as, Voicethread, Flickr, and Wikis to enhance our use of social media.

  • What are your expectations for this course?

I anticipate that I will gain a professional growth in the effectiveness of social media in the educational setting.  Although I am quick to try new tech tools, social media has been on the back burner for me due to my lack of knowledge of effective social media principles to put into place to enhance the learning experience. Discovering new tools and methods will help me gain the confidence I need to use social media as a learning tool.  I intend to start slow by taking this course, immersing myself into learning and incorporating one social media tool at a time into my classroom experience. Professionally, I am ready to dive in head first to enhance what I already have in place for learning opportunities.



  1. I have just started to enjoy the information I am reading through Twitter, though I feel overwhelmed when I join one too many groups. Have you checked out Pinterest? I enjoy that source, though I tend to be a passive bystander on both sites. Hope I can grow in my skill level throughout this course. You seem to be diving into more and more social networking each year – I am jealous!

  2. cdennyllu says:

    I can relate to your comment about signing up for an account and then forgetting about it entirely. I also understand what you mean when you say that you don’t feel you have tapped into the potential of Twitter. It can definitely be a tool used in the classroom if used properly. Good luck this semester and I hope to learn from you and the rest of our classmates.

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