EDTECH 513 Multimedia Reflection

Posted: August 8, 2016 in Uncategorized
  1. What challenges did you face in this course?
  2. What strategies or other creative resources did you use to address these challenges?
  3. Which artifact do you feel was your best and why?
  4. What is one thing you plan to do in your school or business as a result of this course?

My summer 2016 EDTECH graduate course at Boise State was EDTECH 513 Multimedia.  I found this course to be very rewarding and enjoyable.   I learned how to use different multimedia software and application sites to enhance and deliver my instruction with multimedia design principles in mind at all times.  The challenge was to be sure that my lessons adhere to these principles.  The purpose of the course was not to use these software’s for the “cool factor” but to enhance instructional delivery for learning transfer.  As an educational technologist, it is important to choose appropriate technology resources and materials that are beneficial for the specific learning task.  This can be a challenge within itself, so this class provided me with a repertoire of resources at my fingertips.  To be confident in my learning, I read the material diligently, outlined important information and took notes when necessary.  I practiced new applications often and created more than the required projects. I can now use these resources and notes in my instructional delivery in the future.

The artifact that I feel was my best was my worked example on Google Docs sharing.  This particular video can be used over and over by students year after year.  I spend countless classroom minutes reviewing the skills that I demonstrated in the video.  I can now spend that time working with students on different areas of instruction that are pressing at the time.  Anyone who forgets the steps to share a document properly can watch the video again when necessary.  My colleagues can also use this video with their students and hopefully it will help them as well.  Even though this video is geared for children, teachers new to Google can also benefit.  I am a certified Google Educator and train teachers on Google Apps.  Many questions arise after my training; hence, they can review this video. My hope is to make worked examples on Google Apps geared for teachers as well.  I plan on using all the artifacts I made in this class during my next school year.  I also plan on creating more instructional materials with the applications learned, as well as research new applications that adhere to the multimedia principles learned thus far.

I want to thank Dr. Diane Hall for delivering excellent instruction this semester. She provided excellent feedback on my assignments so I can continue creating, teaching, and learning using my acquired knowledge from this graduate level class.



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