Sue’s Digital Story

Posted: August 1, 2016 in STANDARD 1 DESIGN

In my graduate class, EDTECH 513, I was asked to share a digital story. I chose to discuss my best friend, my sister, who struggled with Juvenile Diabetes and had two kidney transplants.

Here is the link to her digital story.

Here is the link to the transcript.


  1. Great job Patricia – what an inspiring story. I hope you really enjoyed finding the photos and talking about your sister (and best friend!). This could be a real inspiration to a student struggling with diabetes or some other chronic illness. I was glancing at the suggested videos on the right of my YouTube screen while watching your video and this one was close to the top:, Check it out, it might make you smile.

    • Thank you so much for viewing my digital story. I really enjoyed looking back at all the photos of my sister. It made me so proud of her and this video brought happy tears to her eyes. My goal is that it brings awareness to people about juvenile diabetes and organ donation. I loved the video you chose. Thank you again.

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