Talking EdTech with Trish Podcast


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Podcast Transcript

The podcast series I would create would be a weekly podcast on all different topics about Educational Technology. This week I chose to share as much information about electronic portfolio use in the classroom as I could without overwhelming you. In fact, if anything, I believe I tried to persuade you to think favorably, since electronic portfolios are becoming more and more in demand in school districts. This task was timely because not long ago I was asked by my school district to give a professional development on portfolio use. I was to come up with a plan for a school-wide portfolio assessment program and I really wasn’t confident that I could accomplish it effectively. I studied and reviewed the areas that were hazy to me and as I presented details to you about the digital portfolios, I became reinvested in the practice once again.  As a teacher, I recognize so much potential for the students and fulfillment for the teachers with digital portfolio use.

So now you know my intentions, but here are some of the real comings and goings during this project. I sincerely hope you felt my favorable vibes within the context of my presentation.  The actual preparation of the Podcast was more stressful.  The acoustics weren’t accurate at first, and when that issue was conquered, I jumbled my verbal presentation.  I was feeling very confident at one point, somewhere around providing you with the benefits of student portfolios, when my youngest son barged into the room during recording and I had to start over again. I have three sons, so this interruption was not too bad.  All in all, when I look back at my work, I am proud of the contents.  I am anxious to read what you think and, please tell me, did I sway your opinion of digital portfolio use at all?


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